Video Course & Beta Group: Design Your Dream Life Program

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Freedom. Satisfaction. Contentment. Joy. Peace. Abundance.

You can have all of these right now, trading in all that overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and "is this all there is" feelings. 

4 week program - get the basics of my Design Your Dream Life Program. Facebook group offers accountability and support, and you have life-time access to all materials and the facebook group! Reserve your spot today so you're ready to join us!

Sneak peak:

Week 1: Welcome & Goal Setting - during this week, we will begin to form community & we will focus on goal setting. Goal setting & visualization is key to designing a life we love. It helps us focus on exactly what is important, and what maybe isn't so important, so we can really move toward the important things.

Week 2: Self-Care & Relationships - during this week, we will focus on our personal self-care plans, really working on getting practical ideas in place. We will also discuss our relationships, and the role they play in our dream lives. Gaining practical tips for strengthening our healthy relationships & building strong community around us.

Week 3: Obstacles & Action Planning - in week 3, we really break down what obstacles stand in our way. We address them and then we destroy them. After we do that, we take all we have learned so far and map out an actionable plan (which we will already be working in). We will see exactly changes that have been made and still need to be made. By this point, you may already find yourself manifesting your dream life all around you.

Week 4: Action & Loving Life - this last week is about commitment to keeping it going. Taking further action on your action plan, and really loving life all around you. 

After this, I won't be leaving you high and dry. You have lifetime access to all resources from the program, as well as the facebook community. I want this to be a lasting change. I want you to continually live a life you love!

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