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Updated: 4/09/2018

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  • Email addresses and names are collected on an opt-in basis. This list is only used by the organization & never shared or sold. The organization utilizes these emails to communicate with it's audience, including sending occasional freebies, opt-ins, program promotions, challenges, and our weekly newsletter.
  • By purchasing a coaching package, you are agreeing to pay the coaching fee. Unless otherwise stated, there will be no refunds on purchases. Also, you agree to not reproduce or share content from your coaching package, except where expressly permitted by the founder or the coaching agreement.
  • The coaching packages could change or be removed without notice, however, the founder will honor previously purchased coaching packages and continue them according to the agreement. 
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  • This site is for informational & educational purposes only, I am not a medical professional. And, though I am a mental health professional, I am not your mental health professional. Please be sure you are doing your own due diligence in researching, clarifying, and utilizing information contained herein.
  • These terms can change at any time without notice.

Updated: 4/09/2018

Disclaimer Statement

I am a therapist, but I am not your therapist. This website is for education & informational purposes only. It does not serve as a therapist-client relationship, and is not meant to be seen as a consent or contract of treatment. Also, information contained herein does not serve as basis of diagnosis or continued treatment. If you feel the need for therapeutic services or diagnosis, contact a mental health professional in your area. 

Coaching and counseling are not the same thing. Though I am trained for both, my coaching clients do not receive counseling from me, and if counseling is needed, proper referrals will be made to mental health professionals in their area. Purchase of a coaching package is just that: a coaching relationship. Though I am a therapist, that is not the basis of our coaching relationship, and I only see therapy clients in the office of the agency I work with in the stat in which I am licensed. 

Updated: 4/09/2018