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Freedom. Satisfaction. Contentment. Joy. Peace. You can have all of these right now, trading in all that overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and "is this all there is" feelings. 

I empower women to help them design a life they love! As a life-strategies coach, I use my 5 step Design Your Dream Life approach to help women get clarity, create their action plan, and I share my biggest secret to loving life.

Along the way, we design that life in which you can live authentically and thrive, even where you are right now. 

Ready to hit the "reset" button on your life? Let's do this!


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Design Your Life Programs

Video Course & Beta Group: Design Your Dream Life Program


$600 (Limited time launch pricing!)

6 week program - get the basics of my Design Your Dream Life Program. Facebook group offers accountability and support, and you have life-time access to all materials and the facebook group! Reserve your spot today so you're ready to join us day 1!

Sneak peak:

Week 1: Welcome & Goal Setting

Week 2: Self-Care 

Week 3: Relationships

Week 4: Obstacles 

Week 5: Action Planning

Week 6: Action & Loving Life

Let's Do This!

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Signature 1-1 Design & Live Your Dream Life Program


3 month 1-1 coaching package. Work with me 1-1 to get the most of my Design Your Dream Life Program. High level of accountability and support. We will dive deep into the 6 key phases. Includes weekly 1-1 sessions, a private facebook group (lifetime access), as well as materials that work each of the 6 steps of my Design Your Dream Life approach. You'll be living that dream life before you know it! 

(Begins with a free 20 minute coaching call to begin the process and determine if we're a match!)

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What Women Are Saying:

"Candice has helped me over and over to narrow in on my goals and get back on track. Her gentle spirit and intuition encouraged, motivated, and challenged me to find what matters most and actually start creating a vision for my life and working toward my goals" - Laura N. ~ Mompreneur

"I just went through Candice's Self-Care Challenge. What a great reminder! When I think about the things she shared, I thought, "I know this stuff," it seems so practical. The problem is, I don't practice them...I'm a busy mom, I've raised three girls, one a Senior in HS. I work three jobs. I don't have time to worry about myself...But each day of the challenge, Candice brought out another practical thing that I should be doing, and really, I could be doing every day. They aren't great big things, like spending big dollars at a spa (although, that would be great); they were things I can implement every day to make my life better. I can do this Self-care thing, and so can you. Let Candice help you!" - Jeannee N. ~ Mom & Administrative Assistant

Join our Free 5 Day Self-Care Challenge: practical action you can put into place today for easy stress management!

Begin an easy self-care plan today that will move you towards a more stress-free life.

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